High bench made with skate board with top in orange color. The skateboard bench is very comfortable to carry so you can use it in any room of the house as an extra seat. The orange color of the skateboard is a color that conveys mood and energy. That energy that every skater carries in the body for each skate session. Skateboard stool made of solid steel...
Skate Stool No comply

Skateboard stool No comply - Orange

Ideal furniture to give on a birthday or for Christmas to a skater. DETAILS: Skateboard stool made of solid steel and strong and the impression skateboard is done with the ultimate printing tech, Hard Polypropylene digitally printed HD. Actual colors may vary slightly as each monitor displays colors differently. Assembly is required. Come with...
Amazing gifts for skater with skateboard stool Amazing gifts for skater with skateboard stool 2
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Amazing gifts for skater with skateboard stool. Skate stool with lots of uses so you can make the most of it. Its measures make it very easy to carry at home, so you can use it to support the feet when you are sitting on the sofa or to leave on it your Ipad, book or more. But to us, one of the functions that we like most is to use it as a side table to...
Perfect decoration accessory for a skater's house. Perfect wall hanger for your skater to leave the jacket, bag or backpack in a few hangers made to your style and faithful to your favorite sport. This wall hanger made with skateboard, in addition to functionality is a piece of decoration that conveys a lot of strength. This coat rack is a very attractive...
Vertical Coat Rack Handplant

Vertical Skateboard Coat Rack Hanplant, Orange

Original vertical coat rack to decorate your house with the best sports related theme in the world of skateboarding. A coat rack to motivate any skater to keep his room in order without jackets or backpacks through the middle. Who said it did not give the perfect gift for a skateboarder. The color orange is a color that stimulates the mind. Vertical...
Skateboard Clocks

Skateboard Wall Clock - Orange

Clock on skateboard that reflects your passion for the skateboard. Orange skateboard clock to give an original and stylish touch to the walls of your room. DETAILS: The impression skateboard is done with the ultimate printing tech, Hard Polypropylene digitally printed HD. Wall clock hang vertically and horizontally. The clock mechanism is completely...
Skateboard Lighting

Skateboard Lamp, Orange

Design the youth rooms with a more skate style. DETAILS: Skateboard Lamp with a rear mounted LED 7w with white light, provides a nice and soft ambient light suitable for any room of your home. The lamp hang vertically and horizontally. The lamp turns on with a switch on the back side. Actual colors may vary slightly as each monitor displays colors...
Vertical Coat Rack and... Vertical Coat Rack and... 2
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Vertical coat rack on skateboard deck and skate mirror perfect for the decoration of your house. This set of decoration with skateboard at the entrance of the house or on the walls of your room will impress all your friends and family. Vertical skateboard coat rack and mirror with skateboard deck. Perfect for hallway or bedrooms especially where the wall...
Coat Rack and Mirror... Coat Rack and Mirror... 2
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€199.00 €249.00
Skateboard coat rack and mirror perfect for the entryway or bedroom. A perfect decoration pack for a skateboard fan.
Skate Bench Shove It

Skateboard Bench, Orange

Gift for special skateboarders with this orange high stool. High bench with skateboard board in red color. This bench has the perfect height to use as a seat on the study table. The red color transmits passion and action. The passion of all skater for skateboarding and action that has an extreme sport like skateboarding. DETAILS: Skateboard stool made of...